Late last year (November 2016), I was approached by a client with a new start-up company in Indianapolis, IN that rehabbed houses for the homeless veteran population in and around that surrounding area.  Originally, they were only looking for a logo redesign. Once that was complete, I took it a step further and gave them a new corporate identity complete with their own business cards, envelopes, letterhead, and trifold brochure that sets them apart from other companies that perform the same services.

RivieraBrandBook2 1.jpg
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For this project, I had to rebrand an either already existing casino/resort on the strip in Las Vegas or re-brand one that had existed at one time and had since been removed. As I had grown up here in in Las Vegas and had seen many of the older casinos, I opted to bring back the Riviera and make it compete with casino resorts like the Palazzo, The M, and the Bellagio by giving it a more updated and elegant logo as well as color scheme that would make it more appealing to the target clientele. It included assets like web banners, a billboard, print advertisement, as well as some collateral pieces like a matchbox cover and even drink glass.